Operation Stop Ebola!! in Paynesville, Liberia

Along with UNICEF staff, Cyvette Gibson, the acting mayor of Paynesville, Liberia, visited families in the Omega A community.

Two family homes in the community are subjected to quarantine because some of their members gave direct care to a woman, wife and mother of three, who died from Ebola.

Food is supplied by the World Food Programme (WFP) and distributed by the General Services Agency of Liberia to those families in need, such as the ones under quarantine.

The mayor also visited other community members to discuss the importance of Ebola prevention as part of the “Operation Stop Ebola!!”, which encourages community leaders to raise Ebola awareness and get help to those in need.

Paynesville, Liberia, on 20 January 2015
Photo: UNMEER/Martine Perret

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