Rwanda TeacherMate Report

TeacherMate Rwanda 2012 builds on the success of the 2011 TeacherMate pilot. The 2012 project aims to trial a version of the previously successful TM software that has been modified for use on iPod touches. This new model offers great improvements in the user interface for teachers and students.

TeacherMate Rwanda 2011 was a pilot project conducted by OLE, in association with Innovations for Learning, resulting in an outstanding 36% increase in overall literacy scores for 620 Rwandan second (P2) and third (P3) grade students over the course of the academic year.

The TeacherMate Differentiated Instruction System was used in Rwanda by 620 students in elementary grades 2 and 3 during the 2011 school year. Although the amount of time students used the TeacherMate system was approximately one third of the recommended time, the results showed an average increase of 36 percentage points among standardized measures of verbal skills for P2 and P3 students using the TeacherMate system over the school year. This compared with average increases of 14 percentage points in each of two control groups. The amortized annual costs per student for continuing such a program are estimated to be US$4.44. Reasons for these results, recommendations for further improvement in the program and possible next steps are presented.

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