The Evolving Regulatory Context for Private Education in Emerging Economies

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This paper briefly examines the international experience concerning the regulation of private education at the school and higher education level. It begins with an overview of the private school and higher education sectors and a short discussion of the potential benefits of increased private participation in education. The remainder of the paper focuses on the following questions and sets out some possible Good Practice Propositions for governments to consider:

  • What are the potential regulatory barriers to private sector growth from both an educational and financial sector perspective?
  • What are some possible policy initiatives that would address these barriers?
  • What are the key elements to be addressed in developing regulatory frameworks for private provision?
  • Are there examples of good practice among existing policies, either in whole or in part?
  • What are the specific regulatory issues that need to be addressed to facilitate new and innovative educational partnerships between the public, philanthropic, and private sectors?
  • What role can international organizations such as the World Bank and IFC play in promoting private participation in education?
PDF - 156 KB

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