Worldreader Annual Report 2012

Books change everything. Literacy and education are critical drivers of prosperity and societal well-being. Strong and demonstrable linkages show the tangible effect that literacy has to improve livelihoods and income, stop inter-generational poverty, improve social mobility and gender equality, enhance nutrition, reduce child mortality, aid in the suppression of infectious diseases, improve sanitation and create individual and social advancement. Worldreader began with this concern in mind: how do we create an opportunity for every child in the developing world to have the books they need to improve their lives? Worldreader found the solution in innovation, deploying technology in new ways and in new collaborative efforts across industries and borders. Today, Worldreader is changing the way the developing world reads via the power of e-readers and digital books. Worldreader employs the mobile phone network to instantaneously deliver thousands of local and international e-books onto lightweight, durable, low-power e-readers and mobile phones for children and adults in sub-Saharan Africa and across India and Asia, for less cost, using less paper and less fuel, and with fewer logistical barriers than traditional printed media. In its first two years, Worldreader has reached nearly 10,000 children with over 250,000 e-books in five African countries. These children now read more, read better, and they’re creating a culture of reading in their communities.

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