Dr Susie Miles introduces the Inclusive Learning Topic Guide

The HEART Topic Guide brings together evidence on what works in inclusive learning for children aged 3 to 12 years with disabilities and/or difficulties in learning in low and middle income countries, and explores the role of inclusive approaches in contributing to inclusive societies and ultimately inclusive growth.

Inclusive learning is defined in the Topic Guide as ‘the result of effective teaching practice, an adapted learning environment and teaching approaches which ensure that all children are included, engaged and supported’. The Topic Guide addresses some of the contested and debated issues around terminology, labelling, and segregated, integrated and inclusive schooling; reviews the limited evidence that exists from low and middle income countries and identifies future research directions.

In this video, Dr Susie Miles, a Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education from the University of Manchester, introduces the newly published Topic Guide.

Dr Miles introduced the key findings from the Topic Guide work at a reading seminar to DFID Education Advisers on 8th October 2014. The slides from this presentation are available to download here as a PDF (951 KB).

Dr Miles teaches across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and is the Programme Director for the MA pathway entitled “Educational Leadership and Inclusion” which is taught in collaboration with the MA “Educational Leadership and School Improvement”. From 2004-2010 Susie was the Programme Director of the MEd in Inclusive Education. She is also the founding coordinator of the Enabling Education Network (EENET), which represents a unique international resource on inclusive education.

This video is the first in a series on Inclusive Learning. The other videos will be available under the HEART Talks section of our website shortly.

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