Investigating Country Efforts in Scaling Up Nutrition in 20+ SUN Countries

On September 30th, 2013 the PATH Maximising the Quality of Scaling Up Nutrition (MQSUN) team hosted an event/webinar on Investigating Country Efforts in Scaling Up Nutrition in 20+ SUN Countries.

This research is part of MQSUN, a DFID-funded consortium of partners, led by PATH, collaborating to scale up DFID nutrition programmes globally. Over the past year MQSUN has been working closely with the Scaling Up Nutrition Secretariat on scaling up nutrition efforts in 20+ countries. These activities include: a review of policy, legislation, and nutrition plans; the development and implementation of a methodology to disseminate costed plans in a common structure; and the development of a framework to project nationwide scale-up efforts and evaluate the impact on specific target populations (e.g., children under five years of age) and national nutrition goals such as reducing stunting or undernutrition.

Dr. Helen Connolly, a senior economist at ICF International, was the costing lead for this project. The PowerPoint presentation below outlines the SUN methodology; the results of applying the methodology across 21 SUN countries; the gaps identified through the process; as well as the findings from the nine visited SUN countries, including common issues in implementation, costing, and financial mapping for scaling-up-nutrition.

Download the Powerpoint presentation

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