Mental health and psychosocial support for people in humanitarian contexts

The mental health consequences of rapid onset emergencies, fragility, conflict and violence— compounded by the cyclical relationship between poverty and mental illness—are pressing challenges, especially in humanitarian settings. People with pre-existing psychosocial disabilities are also among the most vulnerable in these contexts.

In this video, Alison Schafer and Mark van Ommeren from the World Health Organization discuss what is meant by mental health and psychosocial support, why this should be prioritised in emergency contexts, the rationale for doing more and doing better, and highlight where organisations can go for further advice and support.

This video was produced from a training module, which was designed by experts from WHO and delivered to DFID staff in Summer 2019, as part of the K4D Learning Journey led by the Mental Health Innovation Network  on “Leave No One Behind”: Delivering on the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda for Mental Health and Psychosocial Disabilities.

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