Susan Elden on issues around the implementation of National Health Insurance in Ghana

In this seminar, Susan Elden presents issues around the implementation of National Health Insurance in Ghana. Although the system in Ghana is not perfect, it has offered a relatively stable health system and it has a lot of potential for the future. As development partners, DFID are particularly interested in the purchasing modalities Ghana has been using to achieve stronger health outcomes. The seminar was delivered at an event titled ‘Achieving coverage with quality’ that was organised by Mott MacDonald for the Department for International Development (DFID) and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). The following video gives a brief introduction to the topic.

The full seminar can be viewed in the video below.

The presentation given by Susan can be downloaded here as a PDF.

An MP3 of the seminar can be downloaded here. To save the MP3 to your computer, right click on the link, then select ‘Save…’. Alternatively, the seminar audio can be streamed below.


Susan Elden is a senior health advisor for DFID Ghana. For the past four years she has worked in locations including London, Nigeria and Ghana. Her role in Ghana includes working closely with the National Health Insurance Authority, supporting Ghana’s health financing strategy and she is currently chair of the Development Partners’ Group. Prior to joining DFID, Susan worked for 12 years in the UK National Health Service and teaching hospitals throughout the US and served on the UK NICE public health topic selection panel.

Other speakers

Other speakers at the ‘Achieving coverage with quality’ seminar were:


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