Why monitoring and evaluation is crucial for the success of health system reforms

Monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) is used to guide the implementation of a programme, understand the performance of the programme, and assess the best approach to future developments.

To ensure the success of healthcare system reforms, and projects being implemented around them, an innovative MEL design is needed. Often, traditional models measuring the outputs of health systems are insufficient to explain the performance of systems, or how interventions affect them.

The Oxford Policy Management Health team is working to understand the software elements of the health system, looking into the attitudes and cultures within the health system that influence performance outcomes of service delivery. This involves approaching MEL in a holistic manner to generate performance evidence that can contextually inform programme design and answer whether the current approaches being used are the most appropriate.

Senior health consultant Sam Franzen discusses how this method is being used in the work we do, spotlighting the monitoring, evaluation, and learning partnership for the Bihar Technical Support Programme in India, which is focused on providing MEL services to health system strengthening reforms.

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