Gender, Education and Development

This module aims to link work in education and international development with insights from gender and education and relate these to educational policy and practice. It is designed to develop an understanding of the circumstances in low and middle income countries, under which gender affects rights to, rights in and rights through education. The course looks at the gendered dimensions of processes of teaching and learning. It considers sexual divisions in education and the gendered political economy of family, work, political action and cultural production. Particular attention is given to gender and violence in school settings. Throughout the course there will be a concern to explore gender sensitive strategies and alternative approaches in education to overcome social division and inequalities. The course is taught three times, (1) in the autumn term in face-to-face mode one evening per week, (2) in the spring term online, or (3) in the summer term in two intensive blocks of two and a half days (early May and late May).